Hope For Something

Here's some new music for the summer that can't seem to arrive soon enough. The always electric Panama have a new EP and it's definitely summery and it's definitely north than worth listening too. It's fantastic. Enjoy it and stay tuned for some new music to keep you company over the Eid break on Sunday.... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #10

🍨Double Sundaaeeeeeeee!🍨 So really it's 14-47 not 7-47. It's been 10 weeks so that's cool, and there are a lot of cool new tracks out there so let's dive right in. Got some new artists, one who's a John Legend in the making, got some old and pretty established artists, got a new video, got... Continue Reading →


Anyone who knows me knows I couldn't help but share this or anything Batman related. This track is pretty good though, Jaden Smith hasn't always hit the mark but he has with this. Dressed in an all white Batsuit and with Future like flow. Jaden reminds us that even the dark, in this case white,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #9

9 Sundaes and 63 songs in so far, and it's a lot easier without them pesky Daily Doses, it's also the 3rd Sunday of Ramadan and we still have 2 more to go. Hopefully these playlists will help start your work week off right and get you through those exceedingly long days. Anyway, got some... Continue Reading →

Girl Like You

New Torooooooooooo yaallllll. Toro Y Moi's back with another exceptional track and a new album on the way making it ramadanistmas and I'm glad it is. His upcoming album Boo Boo takes inspiration from Travis Scott and Frank Ocean among others and will have a distinctly more pop sound. Check out this latest track and... Continue Reading →


Brockhampton can't stop and won't stop and I'm pretty gosh darn appreciative of that. "Lamb" is the latest single from their upcoming album, which is shaping up to be quite a debut to the world. Check out the video for this track and be sure to scroll through some of the older posts for their... Continue Reading →


MIA is a queen god dang it. Complete with gold chains and tracksuits. The last part might not be common among queens but there you go. Her latest track "Goals" is dedicated to her hardcore fans who are definitely sure to appreciate this one. So get ready to take on the weekend in style, qnd... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Relaxer

alt- j are one of a kind, that's not always a good thing, but with them it mostly is. Their 3rd album Relaxer is very much alt-j but not alt-j. While it has all the makings of one of their albums, quirky vocals layered over genuinely well over some strange riffs and effects delivered by... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #8

Ain't no party like a Sunday Sundae party because w Sunday Sundae party don't stop. At least for the time being. 2nd week of Ramadan Y'all, long way to go y'all. Milan Schezhuan Sauce Y'all. Here's 7 tracks y'alll, to enjoy this Sunday y'all. Like a good Sundae y'all, hence the name y'all. One more... Continue Reading →

Love N Hennessy 

A.Chal is going places, is already in other places and has been in other other places. He's got that infectious, Drake-ish flow that just sticks with you. His last album Welcome To Gazi was a hit, and his latest mix tape, On Gaz is shaping up to be just that as well. Check out his latest track... Continue Reading →


Brockhampton are at it again again again. They're putting out more music than the oscars when a crying white woman wins best supporting actress. Their latest track "Star" is full of Hollywood references and puns and it's pretty catchy. Their album is definitely one to look for this year.  So enjoy this new music which... Continue Reading →

Album Review: True Care

James Vincent Mcmorrow is one part Bon Iver, one part James Blake, and one part Francis & The Lights. This concoction is mixed together and served up in a hipster preferred glass substitute like a light bulb, or a mason jar, or a hollowed out typewriter where you can only drink if you type in... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #50

50, we made it! like to thank the 3 or so consistent viewers and the ones that clicked by accident. Today's daily dose is actually a playlist put together by Vacations. 4 mashups of Drake and Sade. I'm a fan of anything involving Sade, and mashups with her usually go well. Check out SADEVILLAIN which... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #49

Almost 50, supposed to stop. Probably will, but probably not. It's something to do but getting harder to find good music on the daily Plus I want to stop at an even number, so I might just post daily or every other day but it wont be a daily dose. There, that's a compromise, I'm... Continue Reading →

Sundae Sunday: 747 #7

7 Sundaes, mmmmm delish, ice cream would be soo good right now... as opposed to all the other times when it would be so good. There are very few situations that would not be made better with ice cream. Scorching desert heat, more like dessert heat... except its cold because its ice cream. If you... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #48

Washed Out,  might describe how you're feeling right now but it's also Ernest Greene's alter ego and he's  back with a new track "Get Out". If you're a fan of the Portlandia theme song,  "Feel It All Around" or that kind of music or if you don't know what kind of music that is then... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #47

Ramadan Kareem everyone, time to get shcwifty and get frosty with this song called "Alaska"❄️❄️❄️❄️ Nue's got a new video for this track. So chill and listen to it and kill some time while you're fasting, maybe scroll through some older posts while you wait for that sunset. If you're reading this, have a great... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #46

I'm a fan of A. Chal, he's got some instant classics and required listening worthy songs and he's been around for less than salt bae probably. Anyway he's back with a new track and his latest video is real trippy so that's perfect for the weekend. If you'd like be weird shit you'll enjoy it,... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #45

Brockhampton have been making some good ass music lately, the kind of good that has an ass at the end of it. This latest track is appropriately named "Gold" check it out and get your weekend mentality in order. Have a great pre-Ramadan weekend, enjoy yourselves in a wholesome or nonwholesome manner, this is blog... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #44

44 is a cool number. Now that that's out of the way, this is a remix for the ultra catchy "Mask Off" which went straight to the top of the charts because of the mask off challenge. Anyway, Molly Percocet, bet you can't stop saying it now, as if it needed a remix to get... Continue Reading →

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