Bad Company

New A$AP y'all. The track was released with the caption "Testing" which is supposedly the name of his upcoming album. Who cares, new music and it's good. The track features Blocboy and you'll find it below. You can conveniently scroll down and listen there. Also if you want regularly updated music check out MoesicSound on... Continue Reading →


Oh Mama

Oh Mama is right. Run The Jewels with a trippy video featuring the greatest grandfather grandson duo in history. Waiting for season 4 of rick and morty is slightly easier with all these clips and this will keep fans satisfied for a few days, which is something. Anywho check out the video and if you... Continue Reading →

Moon River

Back from the dead y'all. Only Frank could do it, only Frank could bring it back. Actually I've been making Spotify playlists, so if y'all out there, check moesicsound and enjoy tons of new music. Anywho new song, cover of Moon River, and it's sweet as hell, not that hell is entirely or even a... Continue Reading →

King’s Dead

Moesic is back from the dead y'all. I'm sure all 3 of you were concerned but here it is. My man Ken Lamar is running the black panther soundtrack as I'm sure you know. This latest tract is called King's dead which is pretty much what happened in Civil War, oooooh spoilers. But it's been... Continue Reading →


Posting when I told ya I won't, when I told ya I ain't. Here we go, posting away, la dee da dee da daaa. Anyway this colors series is killin it and me and y'all should get on this. Check this out and then the rest. Yalla Go now, I'll wait. Anywho for Real, this... Continue Reading →

Live Musaac

Surprise Muthafucka, here's another post and it came real fast like an eager preteen. Here's some live music that I creatively stylized in the title. We got Tyler, The Creator giving you a Tiny Desk Concert and James Blake debuting three new songs. The first song is what you say when you need to know... Continue Reading →


Here's 8 tracks muthafuckkaaasssss, yeah I've slowed down a bit but its winter and I'm conserving energy and also I've aged and also don't judge me if you've visited this blog enough to form an opinion over how much I should be posting. If that's the case then thank you for checking the blog that... Continue Reading →


Here's 2 very different videos, because they're separate and also different. 1st video is the title track for Daniel Caesar's debut album and if you haven't been listening to this guy then you're making some real mistakes in life and you should go ahead and start with "Get You" and "We Find Love". The second... Continue Reading →

Come Through And Chill

Been sharing a lot of Miguel lately but he just won't stop and I'm glad he isn't cuz he killin at willin. YEAH, people say that all the time! And now he has another track with J. Cole? Of course it's going on here, and how dare you ask me not to post it?!?!? How?... Continue Reading →

On My Mind

If y'all ain't listening to Jorja Smith, then ya missin out. Same thing goes for Miguel and same thing goes for Miguel covering Jorja Smith, y'all better be gettin on this shit. I'm not even gonna throw a joke in this rant, that's how serious this is. I almost threw a math problem in here... Continue Reading →

Go Gina (Stripped)

SZA, SZA, SZA. You gotta say it three times for effect but unfortunately she doesn't pop up next to you like if you say Beetlejuice. Don't believe me? Then give it a shot, but you won't be happy when Beetlejuice shows up and starts putting you in uncomfortable but hilarious situations. Or maybe you will,... Continue Reading →

Pineapple Skies

Miguel is the gift that keeps on giving, his album War & Leisure comes out December 1st, so y'all better get ya ears and ya asses ready. This track is called Pineapple Skies and I fuckin love pineapples. Too much even. Not in a sexual way because lord knows there are easier fruits to get... Continue Reading →

Come Up In A Minute

It's been a while since I posted something that's because it's been a slow week for me and the music industry or the industry as far as things I like. This guy's called Falease, he's new as shit, in fact this is debut. Song is called "come up in a minute" and he might very... Continue Reading →


Four, not just a sexy character in the divergent series, although... anyway let's keep focused. 4 tracks, yeah, I'm getting the feeling these intros are becoming less about the music and more random rants, but honestly are rants really random. If you have that much to say about something chances are its not just something... Continue Reading →

Waking Up

Music from Norway, yes they can do more than perfect living standard and quality of life their people. About damn time they got off their asses. The artist is Jimi Somewhere, who I’m assuming is a polite young man who enjoys the winter games as much as any other active red blooded Scandinavian. They think... Continue Reading →


Oooooooohhh drama, you know you like it when it’s not yours and also a little bit when it’s yours. Lead singer of The Neighbourhood, spelled with a u because why the fuck not, Jesse Rutherford has a new solo album coming out in a week and he went ahead and released this song. Yeah I’m... Continue Reading →


Lemons y’all, juicy and citrusy and prevent scurvy which as you know really fucks you up if you’re a pirate or avoid your average vitamins. Pharrell’s NERD have linked up with Rihanna and here we are just talkin lemons. This isn’t a Lemon blog, if it was I’d call it LeMOEn and it would be... Continue Reading →

Joshua Tree

Cautious Clay, can’t get tired of that name, it’s like Pensylvester, but not quite at that level. I shared his debut track “Cold War” a while ago, so go ahead and navigate back and listen to it. And while you’re at it listen to some other tracks, and while you’re at that, make a small... Continue Reading →


3rd Saturday  of October, also 3rd week, also another Illuminati type connection to the number 3. Just listed 3 things, 3 letters in Moe. 3 tracks in this post. Shall I continue? That question had 3 words in it. Anyway here’s 3 new songs, see it all came together at the end, just like that.... Continue Reading →

Show Love

Everything Is Recorded keep sharing some gold nuggets, best kind of nuggets after chicken. You could buy a lot of chicken nuggets with gold nuggets but that requires effort and it’s not like McDonald’s just takes gold...yet. And remember you can’t eat shiney rocks but you can eat chicken, and that’s the true nugget. The... Continue Reading →

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