Sunday Sundae: 747 #3

This week was a particularly music filled one, Gorillaz, Sylvan Esso, Kweku Collins, JMSN, Anik Khan, Cashmere Cat and a bunch of other people released their albums and projects. I'm still digesting all these releases to say the least, but here are some of the best singles of the week that weren't Daily Doses™ and... Continue Reading →


Daily Dose #20

I realize I've been sharing a lot of hip hop and RnB lately and I've decided unanimously since it's just me invovled to mix it up. It was a difficult decision and I got a lot of backlash but sometimes you got to put your foot down and tell those imaginary naysayers, nay and a... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #19

A$AP Mob, A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky collobarate on this latest single. There's a ton of new music out today and I had a hard time picking the Daily Dose until I saw this track. Go ahead and check it out and be sure to come back on Sunday and see the best tracks of... Continue Reading →

Album Review: What Now

I have to admit I have a soft spot for Sylvan Esso, I find their self titled first album to be god damn magical. If you don't know of this band, they put out unicorn type electronic trip hop music. If that description doesn't seem clear then check them out and see if you can... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Humanz

The only album slated to give Kung Fu Kenny a run for his money come awards season has arrived. The very very very very very long awaited Gorillaz album, Humanz  is finally here. The band has been extremely active in the build up to the album's release to say the least. They released a new song... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #18

SZA X Travis Scott is a straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥 combination and I don't use that emoji lightly, wouldn't dream of it actually. Check out "Love Galore" below and see for yourself. While you're on the page, scroll through, check out the other posts and lack of hyperlinks on the homepage. Enjoy yourself. It's Friday and you've... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #17

💁💁💁💁💁💁💁💁💁💁💁 11, that's the number of studio albums Blondie will have when their latest album, Polinator,  is released next Friday. At 71 years young, Debbie Harry doesn't seem to be slowing down and has been quite active in promoting her new project and will be performing a free concert in Berlin tomorrow. Check out "Fragments" below:... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #16

16 daily doses, that's a lot of days and a lot of doses. Today's one comes courtesy of Mating Ritual, Ryan Lawhon's solo project. This track is dreamy and sleepy, and all things in between. You, whoever you are, if you're on this post then you have probably know the drill so go ahead and... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #15

It's just a few days until the release of Humanz, one of the most anticipated albums of 2017 which drops on Friday.  Last weekend the band launched a global listening party for the record through their app and they've followed up by releasing a bonus track from the album. The track, "The Apprentice" features  Rag‘n’Bone... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #14

Following the trend set by "Chanel" & "Biking", Frank Ocean has released yet another track. And being Frank, he's released multiple versions of this track. "Lens" was released on Frank's radio show and you can check it out on Apple Music and you can also check out the second version featuring Travis Scott on SoundCloud.... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #13

Young Thug, known as much for his eccentric outfits as he is his actual music just released the video for his single "All The Time" You know the drill, or maybe you don't. But both ways, check it out and as always let's keep pushing those hyperlinks down and out of the homepage and into... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #3

Another Sunday and another 🍨, 7 days, 7 songs. That's seven, seven more than the amount of hyperlinks I want on my homepage which is zero. I think that's clear but it's important to me that you know how much I dislike hyperlinks on my homepage. Their discoloration, their clickability, just everything about them. So... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #12

Fresh track from a fresh EP, just released by  Saudin, a young actor and singer from Mississauga of all places. His EP, Before I Met You, has its ups and downs but it's got that Ontario sound, that Ovo sound, that 6 god approved sound. Check out, "With You" below and while you're at it, the... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #11

The incomprobale NAS is back with "systematic" in this collaboration with DJ Shadow. NAS is set to release his 11th studio album this year bur if you're looking for more of the iconic rapper. Check out Netflix's The Get Down which he produces and narrates. Check out his new track below and as always death... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #11

Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd collaborate yet another time on this new track called "Lust For Life." Lana has featured on The Weeknd's last two albums on both "Prisoner" and "Stargirl Interlude". Both artists are set to headline the inaugural Lollapalooza Paris this summer and might very well end up performing this song together. ... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #10

Kung Fu Kenny's latest video from his straight 🔥🔥🔥 third studio album is "DNA". The video features, the always entertaining Don Cheadle and makes for an entertaining addition to your day. Check it out, and as always, fight back against hyperlinks and push them way way way down where they belong because just when you... Continue Reading →

Spotlight: SALES

To put it simply, SALES is a band worthy of being in all caps. This collaboration between longtime friends Lauren Morgan & Jordan Sih is a different kind of pop. SALES relies on captivating guitar riffs, and vocal improvisation that integrates techniques, that most Jazz fans are accustomed to, with pop & electronic staples, such... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #9

Up and coming Brooklyn based Tuelo have just premiered a brand new song, dedicated to lead singer's mother and affectionately entitled "Saint Margaret" on Consequence of Sound. This track comes as a follow up to thier first single, "On Air" which introduced the young artist's powerful vocals. Tuelo are yet to make a huge splash, but are... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #8

New day, new music coming out of Coachella today (who knew you could get more out of that festival than eclectic bohemian fashion inspiration). But Lady Gaga premiered a brand new song live at the mega festival. She followed up the live version of her new track "The Cure" with a studio version. Now this... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #2

Happy Easter everyone, or the choice few who are actually reading this. Told you I'd put together a playlist of new music each week and this week is no different. Good music doesn't take a day of and neither do I,  from pushing  down hyperlinks especially, I take lots of breaks from work. Check out... Continue Reading →

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