Posting when I told ya I won't, when I told ya I ain't. Here we go, posting away, la dee da dee da daaa. Anyway this colors series is killin it and me and y'all should get on this. Check this out and then the rest. Yalla Go now, I'll wait. Anywho for Real, this... Continue Reading →


Live Musaac

Surprise Muthafucka, here's another post and it came real fast like an eager preteen. Here's some live music that I creatively stylized in the title. We got Tyler, The Creator giving you a Tiny Desk Concert and James Blake debuting three new songs. The first song is what you say when you need to know... Continue Reading →


Here's 8 tracks muthafuckkaaasssss, yeah I've slowed down a bit but its winter and I'm conserving energy and also I've aged and also don't judge me if you've visited this blog enough to form an opinion over how much I should be posting. If that's the case then thank you for checking the blog that... Continue Reading →

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