On My Way

Trying to post more, I  know I keep saying it but saying it is something too. I'll try to get a playlist up this week, like a whole playlist and I may even cram some opinions in there too. Stay true to the identity of moesic. Or not. You wouldn't know, or would you, I'm... Continue Reading →


Bad Dream/No Looking Back

Syd felt like sharing some music for you to listen to during the eclipse. I felt like sharing it, so equal amounts of effort on both of our parts really. I'm sure she appreciates me sharing this to a child's handful of people. Anyway, she good, she been on moesic before and she's got two... Continue Reading →

Catchin’ Up

Hey y'all, haven't been as prolific as I'd like to be, but here are some new songs, they're good. I like them, maybe you'll like them too. Some dank, some not so dank. Check them out if you're still checking out this page if not then you're not reading this. In that case, I can... Continue Reading →

Where We Go

Been a while, more than I thought. But hey I'll be back, so let's ease back into things. I like this song, it's new and comes courtesy of a young up and coming artist. Check our "Where We Go" by Jelani Aryeh, and stay tuned for more music soon, maybe even a playlist or an... Continue Reading →

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