Joshua Tree

Cautious Clay, can’t get tired of that name, it’s like Pensylvester, but not quite at that level. I shared his debut track “Cold War” a while ago, so go ahead and navigate back and listen to it. And while you’re at it listen to some other tracks, and while you’re at that, make a small... Continue Reading →



3rd Saturday  of October, also 3rd week, also another Illuminati type connection to the number 3. Just listed 3 things, 3 letters in Moe. 3 tracks in this post. Shall I continue? That question had 3 words in it. Anyway here’s 3 new songs, see it all came together at the end, just like that.... Continue Reading →

Show Love

Everything Is Recorded keep sharing some gold nuggets, best kind of nuggets after chicken. You could buy a lot of chicken nuggets with gold nuggets but that requires effort and it’s not like McDonald’s just takes gold...yet. And remember you can’t eat shiney rocks but you can eat chicken, and that’s the true nugget. The... Continue Reading →

Shit Ton

Here's a literal shit ton of music and I wouldn't use the word literal lightly but if music had weight this would amount to a shit ton, the actual exact number that amounts to will remain a mystery to you at this point. But if you tried to convert the long and decimal filled number... Continue Reading →

Spice Girl

Amine is over the top, and honestly that’s the best place in relation to the top to be. It wouldn’t seem right to get to the top and settle under it. No sir or madam it would not. Anyway his big personality and quirkiness is very much on display in his latest video. Which as... Continue Reading →


Title says it all, well not really it’s 11 tracks yes but it’s different kinds of music. It’s new and newish. Anywho go ahead and check out these tracks and have a good day. Maybe even a great one, up to you really. Or not actually, again this is a blog not a self help... Continue Reading →

Five Traxxxxx

As the title suggests with multiple X’s and also the other words. Here’s 5 tracks. They’re also new and all conveniently located here. Wouldn’t make much sense for me to just tell you about them and have you go off and search on your own. Go through them at your own discretion, and I know... Continue Reading →


Happy October y’all, Smino and Sango have a track for all the Libras out there. I’m affectionately begins with a birthday song, and then goes off on a completely different path. So if you’re feeling a bit festive then go ahead and check this out and if you’re not then by all means leave. Just... Continue Reading →

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