Four, not just a sexy character in the divergent series, although… anyway let’s keep focused. 4 tracks, yeah, I’m getting the feeling these intros are becoming less about the music and more random rants, but honestly are rants really random. If you have that much to say about something chances are its not just something you occasionally think about. like sure i’ll go off over the fact that American actors playing Europeans speak English with an accent but i think about that more than i’d like to admit. Like we all know Hitler didn’t talk to his crew in English you might as well drop the Neins and Shleins Tom Cruise. If I’m gonna believe the Nazi’s spoke English, then I’d at least like to hear some

“What up Himmler”s

to which he’d respond,

“Heilin Hitler like a muthafucka.”

Maybe Hitler walks in rubbing his palms saying

“no doubt no doubt, word is bomb, like the ones imma drop on the allies”

“Shiiiiiiittttt Dolfie, you killin em”

“Yeah but not softly ahhahahaaha”


“…. with gas, im killing them with gas”

Miguel has a new video and he’s feelin upbeat which is great but i’d like to hear him slow it down a bit, my late night playlists are getting bouncier than I like, as far as playlists go that is. Girlhood are a new obsession, check out their other tracks while you’re at it.

Intrepid- Pinegrove

Told You So- Miguel

Baby Teeth- Girlhood

Medusa- Kailee Morgue


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