Sunday Sundae: 747 #14

Sunday again, more music, whoever's still here knows the drill. Going on a much needed vacation so probably won't post another one for a bit, but who knows the mood may strike me. Anyway, 7 tracks, 7 days, listen to one a day or all just now and forget about it. I also know exactly... Continue Reading →


Album Review: Boo Boo

Toro is fire, plain and simple. Whether he's going by Chazz Bundick, Chazz Bear, or whatever. He's fire, his music is fire. fire fire fire. Anyway, his much anticipated follow up to Anything In Return is out now, and its called Boo Boo and its great. The 12 track album has all the makings of great Toro Y Moi,... Continue Reading →

In Tune We Trust

Lil Wayne, Weezy, Tunechi, y'all know who he is. He's been missing for a bit because of some label drama but apparently he said fuck that and went ahead and released some tracks on his sound cloud. So here he is with a 4 track EP for all the fans out there. If you think... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #13

Happy Sunday errbody still checking this blog, and to everyone who isn't well happy Sunday as well but you ain't gonna know it. This week's got some of dat good shit, so good in fact that there are 2 bonus tracks because Skepta, and Coldplay have a new track with Brian Eno, so you're welcome.... Continue Reading →

I Dare You

The XX! Millie Bobby Brown! New Video! Exclamation Points!!! My girl Eleven from Stranger Things stars in the latest video for the always captivating and entrancing The XX. Check out I Dare You below and while you're at it, give their latest album a listen, I'll post some tracks below to get you started, because... Continue Reading →

Preview: Sleep Well Beast

This is the first time I preview an album on here instead of reviewing it and it's quite fitting that it's one of my all time favorites. This is also my 100th post, so it's a big milestone for all of us here at moesic, currently me, myself and I. 💯!! The National have a... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #12

Happy Sunday Y'all, Eid is over and summer isn't and that's just not fair. But here we are and guess what the work day is now a little bit longer, but you can eat, drink, smoke, and curse at people, so it all balances out. Anyway, new music, lots of it, Jay Z has an... Continue Reading →

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