Shit Ton

Here's a literal shit ton of music and I wouldn't use the word literal lightly but if music had weight this would amount to a shit ton, the actual exact number that amounts to will remain a mystery to you at this point. But if you tried to convert the long and decimal filled number... Continue Reading →


Spice Girl

Amine is over the top, and honestly that’s the best place in relation to the top to be. It wouldn’t seem right to get to the top and settle under it. No sir or madam it would not. Anyway his big personality and quirkiness is very much on display in his latest video. Which as... Continue Reading →


Title says it all, well not really it’s 11 tracks yes but it’s different kinds of music. It’s new and newish. Anywho go ahead and check out these tracks and have a good day. Maybe even a great one, up to you really. Or not actually, again this is a blog not a self help... Continue Reading →

Five Traxxxxx

As the title suggests with multiple X’s and also the other words. Here’s 5 tracks. They’re also new and all conveniently located here. Wouldn’t make much sense for me to just tell you about them and have you go off and search on your own. Go through them at your own discretion, and I know... Continue Reading →


Happy October y’all, Smino and Sango have a track for all the Libras out there. I’m affectionately begins with a birthday song, and then goes off on a completely different path. So if you’re feeling a bit festive then go ahead and check this out and if you’re not then by all means leave. Just... Continue Reading →


New track from Rex Orange County, he had shared Edition a little while ago and I've been listening to it quite a bit on repeat. So naturally I went looking for more music and found this one. The video is a bit weird but I admire the DYI feel. It's a good use of a... Continue Reading →

Cold War

Cautious Clay is more than just clever word play. The D.C. native currently based in Brooklyn is capitalizing off his great taste and smooth vocals to make solid music. I say great taste because he gained a bit of traction for covering Toro Y Moi last year, and if you fuck with Toro then you're... Continue Reading →


You guys know Khalid, if you don't then you ain't paying attention. He's everywhere at the moment, he's got a great voice, he bringing pop back, and he's a cutie with an extra shot of patootie. Anyway he's released an early track of his, it's called "Perfect" and it's acoustic and a rough draft, but... Continue Reading →


Happy Wednesday y'all, Wednesday isn't necessarily a happy day but then again neither is any day really. I mean sure weekends are something to look forward to, until someone decides to invite you to an early wedding, or someone dies inconveniently. You know how it is, any who this is a music blog and here... Continue Reading →

Extended Plea

Here's an EP but instead of it being an Extended Play, it's an Extended Plea. Who doesn't love wordplay, probably wordsmiths since it'd probably just feel like work to them. And we all know how hard these guys work. Ok, Nigerian born and New York based artist Toulouse has an 8 track EP out. He's... Continue Reading →


Been a while since I posted a playlist with a random nonsense name. Here's some new tracks, real new, real real new. Variety as well, multiple as well. 6 by my count, and it's a pretty accurate count, a lot more accurate than if I had said 42, because that'd be ridiculous. Real ridiculous, here's... Continue Reading →


SZA, talked about her a lot. Not much more can be said, she's fantastic. She has a new song out for the Insecure season 2 soundtrack. It's called "Quicksand" and its summery and Calvin Harrisy and Frank Oceany but still Very much SZA-y. Of course that's just the music,  is the lyrics are much less... Continue Reading →

Mountains Of Gold

Happy Friday y'all. Here's the deal, Richard Russell, XL Recordings has a collaborative project called Everything is Recorded. They previously had an awesome track called "Close But Not Quite" and that featured vocals from ma man Sampha. Sampha's on this too, so is the iconic Kamasi Washington, and up and coming badasses Ibeyi, and Wiki,... Continue Reading →

I Feel It Coming Remix

Well this is a match made in heaven for me, two things I consider the bomb ass diggity as much as saying bomb ass diggity, The Weeknd and the 80s. The 80s are probably the best decade in my opinion, best rom coms, best outfits, music, all those synths and drama. Anywho Saint-Laurent, no affiliation... Continue Reading →

On My Way

Trying to post more, I  know I keep saying it but saying it is something too. I'll try to get a playlist up this week, like a whole playlist and I may even cram some opinions in there too. Stay true to the identity of moesic. Or not. You wouldn't know, or would you, I'm... Continue Reading →

Bad Dream/No Looking Back

Syd felt like sharing some music for you to listen to during the eclipse. I felt like sharing it, so equal amounts of effort on both of our parts really. I'm sure she appreciates me sharing this to a child's handful of people. Anyway, she good, she been on moesic before and she's got two... Continue Reading →

Catchin’ Up

Hey y'all, haven't been as prolific as I'd like to be, but here are some new songs, they're good. I like them, maybe you'll like them too. Some dank, some not so dank. Check them out if you're still checking out this page if not then you're not reading this. In that case, I can... Continue Reading →

Where We Go

Been a while, more than I thought. But hey I'll be back, so let's ease back into things. I like this song, it's new and comes courtesy of a young up and coming artist. Check our "Where We Go" by Jelani Aryeh, and stay tuned for more music soon, maybe even a playlist or an... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #14

Sunday again, more music, whoever's still here knows the drill. Going on a much needed vacation so probably won't post another one for a bit, but who knows the mood may strike me. Anyway, 7 tracks, 7 days, listen to one a day or all just now and forget about it. I also know exactly... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Boo Boo

Toro is fire, plain and simple. Whether he's going by Chazz Bundick, Chazz Bear, or whatever. He's fire, his music is fire. fire fire fire. Anyway, his much anticipated follow up to Anything In Return is out now, and its called Boo Boo and its great. The 12 track album has all the makings of great Toro Y Moi,... Continue Reading →

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