Daily Dose #43

We are fast approaching that 50 dose mark and while I might be changing my mind, It seems like that'll be it for the time being. Heard some good music today, some garden variety, some pretty out there. Today's dose is "Shadow" by Chromatics and if you're a fan of this type of music, be... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #42

Mondays, Garfield hates them, and why wouldn't he? They start the work week where he's from. They don't start it here but we aren't too fond of them either, because they still feel like a Sunday, what with Thursday being where it is. Anyway, Muse, that's who today's dose is by. Song is called "Dig... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #41

Time to feel those summer vibes guys!! Let's get fit, tan, and in the swing of...I can't do this. I thought I could write an upbeat caption. I really did, but here we are, standing at a god damn impasse and all I can say to you, before you listen to this upbeat poppy song... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #6

Sunday again, last Sunday before Ramadan, a month long lull starts in 6 days. Here's some music to help you power through this last week and by power through I mean waddle through each day till you slump over the finish line. Anywho, here are 7 songs for 7  days, go ahead an enjoy them... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #40

In the interest of keeping nostalgia alive, here's some missy Elliot. Well sort of, it's Amine's track and she's featured on a remix along with AJ Tracey. Here's "REDEMERCEDES" the remix. It's all caps for a reason so give it a listen and you'll understand why. Have yourself a listen for that 2000s sound and... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #39

Today's Daily Dose is simultaneously old and new with previously unreleased music from T-Pain and Lil Wayne finally coming to light. So if you liked any of them while in high school and still bump the occasional classic, "Buy U A Drank", etc. Then listen away, there are 8 tracks for you to enjoy.  Here's... Continue Reading →

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Audioslave and Soundgarden died  on Wednesday unexpectedly at just 52. He had just arrived in Detroit earlier that day ahead of a sold out show. Cornell's unique and powerful voice will be missed. Listen to some of his best contributions to music below. Starting with the incomparable, "Like A... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #38

It's been a long god dang week, and thankfully it's coming to an end, if you're in a part of the world where the workweek ends tomorrow then just hang on a little bit longer. Grizzly Bear's got a new track out, it's called "Moutning Sound" and it's from their upcoming album, Painted Ruins. Check it... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #37

Flying Lotus is sampling ppl left and right and he couldn't have done much better than Freddy Mercury on his latest dreamy drowsy track. "Night Grows Pale" samples "White Queen" and for fans of Flying Lotus or fans of Queen or fans of chill, it's definitely worth listening to, ideally repeatedly. Check it out below,... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #35

Lana Del Rey's no stranger to the festival circuit, she's headlined a few and is set to headline the inaugural Lollapalooza in Paris. Her latest track takes a stab at the festival experience, from flower crown references and narcissistic adolescents (Both quite present at Coachella and the likes) to stairway to heaven. Check out "Coachella-... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sundae: 747 #5

Happy Sunday Everyone, time for another Sundae🍨🍨🍨🍨🍨, is what I always say, in this particular context. Anyway got a good mix here, so start your week right by listening. Definitely recommend checking out  Windswept,  the LP that feature's the last track featured on this playlist. Definite relaxation music that we could all use, possibly in... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #34

Love me some politically charged hip hop and Denzel Curry's definitely got some in his latest track, aptly titled "Hate Government". The track is definitely not the easy listening type that you're used to hearing on here, if you're used to hearing anything by this point. Check it out though, its got a lot of... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #33

Bryson Tiller who burst on the scene not too long doesn't seem to be letting up. He announced his upcoming album with 3 new songs, but this one in particular feature Young Thug. Check out "Get Mine" below as part of the thirty third daily dose, I doubt they'll be much more daily doses. I'll... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #32

Calvin Harris is committed to giving us the summer jam. "Slide" was his last attempt and it blew the heck up to say the least. Now he's got Khalid, who's god damn fantastic and Future who can make saying Molly Percocet the catchiest lyrics ever. This track is bouncy and happy andvig the rest of... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #31

That's the solidest month there is bruh, special as shit. Anyway since it's super special, as previously mentioned it's gonna be an extra large dose💉💉💊💊. In fact this Dose isn't a track, but an EP. Yeah I know, whaaaa, that's a big dose, and that's exactly why I said it was. Check out Seramic's latest... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #30

That's a solid month right thurr, which is also what I'll say tomorrow when its a bit more solid. 30 doses man, 30, a healthy amount when spread out over the month.  I was gonna share this gem from Mali this morning but I'll save that for the Sunday Sundae because this particular track hit... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #29

Almost a month, or a full of month if its one of the shorter months on the lunar calendar or if its February during a leap year. But for the most part, its not a month, although it will be soon. There's nothing wrong with a 29 though, good number, always counting up to something... Continue Reading →

Album Review: This Old Dog

Mac DeMarco is a strange guy, I really can't stress that enough. But the always entertaining and professionally unpretentious singer songwriter's new album is definitely worth checking out. If you're a fan of his woozy, druggy, dreamy music then you won't be disappointed as this album retains that DeMarco sound which can provide for a... Continue Reading →

Daily Dose #28

4 weeks into this daily dose thingamajig and it ain't half bad which doesn't tell you anything about the amount of bad it is but rather what it isnt. I wonder what's the glass half empty version of that, probably ain't half good, which could also mean its fully good or not good at all.... Continue Reading →

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