Sunday Sundae: 747 #14

Sunday again, more music, whoever’s still here knows the drill. Going on a much needed vacation so probably won’t post another one for a bit, but who knows the mood may strike me. Anyway, 7 tracks, 7 days, listen to one a day or all just now and forget about it. I also know exactly how you read “forget about it”, its a cliche but it still holds up. Enjoy the music, and I’ll be back soon. Maybe this time apart will be good for us, have fun, be nice, all that, Peace.

Big B’s- Chance The Rapper


Eve’s Titties- Deem Spencer

Boredom- Tyler, The Creator


Summer Bummer- Lana Del Rey Ft. A$AP Rocky & Playboi Carti

Pullup- Cousin Stizz Ft. Buddy

The Weekend (Zikomo Remix)- SZA

Flowers- Honeyrude


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