Sunday Sundae: 747 #13

Happy Sunday errbody still checking this blog, and to everyone who isn’t well happy Sunday as well but you ain’t gonna know it. This week’s got some of dat good shit, so good in fact that there are 2 bonus tracks because Skepta, and Coldplay have a new track with Brian Eno, so you’re welcome. As usual, got 7 tracks, enjoy them, and expect some album reviews coming your way soon. Sunday’s the day of work, so here we are. Imma keep on listening and so should you, tell a friend about this blog and they’ll come to appreciate you more as a person… probably… who can know these things? me… that’s who. Got some Nas for ya, and a Joey Bada$$, there are 2 more to check out btw and a lot more. So get listening.


Offering- Cults

Systematic- DJ Shadow Ft. Nas

Too Lit- Joey Bada$$

Distance- KILLY

Orange- Natalie Green

I Feel Ya- Nate Dae

Hug of Thunder- Broken Social Scene

Bonus Tracks:

Aliens- Coldplay

Hypocrisy- Skepta



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