Album Review: Boo Boo

Toro is fire, plain and simple. Whether he’s going by Chazz Bundick, Chazz Bear, or whatever. He’s fire, his music is fire. fire fire fire. Anyway, his much anticipated follow up to Anything In Return is out now, and its called Boo Boo and its great. The 12 track album has all the makings of great Toro Y Moi, dreamy vocals and lyrics, synths, and a whole lotta passion all with a distinctly 80’s vibe. The singles from the album, “Girl Like You” and”You and I” have already featured on this blog, but his entire album is available now, so I’m not sure why you’re still waiting. Not only is the entire album available now, He’s released it with an accompanying short film, so do yourself a favor and watch it below and enjoy some grade A music. The album is the product of Chazz’s “Identity Crisis” as he claims he turned to his music to cope with his issues and this is pretty clear about 4 tracks in. Listen for yourself, see if you feel “Reality’s Tight, if the music is right.”


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