Album Review: True Care

James Vincent Mcmorrow is one part Bon Iver, one part James Blake, and one part Francis & The Lights. This concoction is mixed together and served up in a hipster preferred glass substitute like a light bulb, or a mason jar, or a hollowed out typewriter where you can only drink if you type in a quote from On The Road.

That being said, for whatever reason it was said, he’s delivered great songs over the years, including this searing cover.

McMorrow’s last album was released less than a year ago, and putting out an album so soon is a bit risky, given that artists like him either make it huge and rock gold chains with Kanye, or continuously float just below the stratosphere. This album is 15 tracks and, in terms of structure, is quite traditional, I’m talkin intros, outros, and you best believe there’s more than one interlude son.

On the other hand, the album doesn’t adhere to one particular genre, and in line with a lot of the albums released this year, you’d have a hard time labeling it. Artists are continuously evolving to the point where the rigid confines of traditional categories just don’t apply to them and that’s honestly great.

This album is loaded with Paulo Nutini type soul courtesy of his powerful vocals and profound lyrics, but don’t be surprised to hear a funky prince type track or 2.

Kill some time while you’re fasting, give it a listen, and you wont be disappointed.



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