Daily Dose #30

That’s a solid month right thurr, which is also what I’ll say tomorrow when its a bit more solid. 30 doses man, 30, a healthy amount when spread out over the month.  I was gonna share this gem from Mali this morning but I’ll save that for the Sunday Sundae because this particular track hit me right in the mind palace. Right on nostalgia avenue, population me. New tack from Bugus and Russ, called “Free Bird”. I like Russ, if you haven’t listened to him yet, check out “Willy Wonka” which I’ll conveniently leave at the bottom of this post to save you the trouble of having to search it and tap a few times. Who wants to do that? not you if you scrolled down and watched it here instead of searching for it just to prove me wrong. In which case, that’s a lot of energy wasted, especially since I wont know if you did that but you could do it for you. Or you could just watch it here, and then pretend as though you did the whole search for it and tap a few times thing and convince yourself you could’ve if you wanted to.

Here’s “Free Bird”


Here’s “Willy Wonka”


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