Album Review: This Old Dog

Mac DeMarco is a strange guy, I really can’t stress that enough. But the always entertaining and professionally unpretentious singer songwriter’s new album is definitely worth checking out. If you’re a fan of his woozy, druggy, dreamy music then you won’t be disappointed as this album retains that DeMarco sound which can provide for a great soundtrack to your road trips or chill out Seshes bruhhh.

If you’re looking for something a bit different from the last album, then this album does show growth. A fan of analogue and less processing, DeMarco does just that with the album and opts for better acoustic riffs over the droopy effects that dominated his previous tracks.

In order to be as unpretentious as DeMarco wants us to be, I’ll keep this review short. The album is chill, well written, and you’ll tap your foot along while you listen so it does its job.

Here are some tracks from the album to get you started, you may have noticed some were featured on some the Sunday Sundaes or Daily Doses and you may have not noticed in which case you should probably pay some more attention and be considerate to the feelings of the team managing this blog. Especially when you realize there isn’t a team and I’m just one man doing what I can. Anywho, This Old Dog  is like 42 minutes or the length of an episode a generic network drama, so give it a listen.



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