Album Review: Humanz

The only album slated to give Kung Fu Kenny a run for his money come awards season has arrived. The very very very very very long awaited Gorillaz album, Humanz  is finally here. The band has been extremely active in the build up to the album’s release to say the least. They released a new song or remix almost daily at one point, they had a digital release party last Friday and have been flooding the interweb with all kinds of content.

You’d think with all this hype, the album would be incredible, and you’d be right to think that. The album is everything, not only does it cross genres at will, it meshes them together. The album definitely has a dominant RnB sound but you’d struggle to put a label on it as a whole.

Humanz has it all, soulful music, entrancing electronic music, powerful vocals, bars upon bars from some of the best rappers out there, and all wrapped up with that classic Gorillaz sound. The album is filled with highlights, from “Andromeda” that features the man behind the album cover of the year(google it), D.R.A.M. to “Momentz” featuring Gorrillaz favorites De La Soul.

If I could summarize the album, I’d say that its a celebration of everything wrong with the world, in the best way possible. If you’ve ever looked at the world and thought of it as a dystopian piece of shit, then this is your anthem. Damon Albam said this album would reflect a world where Trump could be president, well here we are and here’s Humanz to make us feel a little better.


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