Sunday Sundae: 747 #3

Another Sunday and another 🍨, 7 days, 7 songs. That’s seven, seven more than the amount of hyperlinks I want on my homepage which is zero. I think that’s clear but it’s important to me that you know how much I dislike hyperlinks on my homepage. Their discoloration, their clickability, just everything about them. So here I am, typing away, just to make sure they stay out. Pretty sure that’s enough, but just in case it isn’t. Lalalalalalal didididididii daaaaa.

Murder To The Mind- Tash Sultana

Can’t Catch Me- NoMBe

To The Light- A.CHAL

2 Step- 808 Mafia

Gilligan- D.R.A.M.  Ft. A$AP Rocky $ Juicy J

Seperation Anxiety- Eyedress

Kites- Anik Khan


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