Spotlight: SALES

To put it simply, SALES is a band worthy of being in all caps. This collaboration between longtime friends Lauren Morgan & Jordan Sih is a different kind of pop. SALES relies on captivating guitar riffs, and vocal improvisation that integrates techniques, that most Jazz fans are accustomed to, with pop & electronic staples, such as sampling. The duo received tons of recognition and praise for their second single, an immensely catchy track, “Chinese New Year” released on the first day of Chinese New Year, obviously…

The two-piece band’s set up seems simple but the products of their efforts are synthy dreamy songs suited for any occasion. From late night drives, gatherings that happen to be chill, road trips, relaxing on a beach, working out, committing a breaking and entering, you catch my drift.

Here’s an idea of one of their dreamier songs:

It would be hard to talk about SALES without mentioning the artwork that accompanies all their releases. I’m sure you noticed the interesting artwork in all of these links and that’s the work of collage artist and designer, Alana Questell (For real, I googled it).

Their debut album was one of the best albums of 2016.  If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. The entire album is on soundcloud, so what are you waiting for?

And while you’re sitting there, thinking damn, he was right, this album is legit, take a look at the rest of my picks for the best albums of the year and see if you keep on agreeing.


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