Album Review: Season High

Quite Arguably not the most talked album being released today, with Kendrick Lamar’s highly anticipated Damn. also being released today. The Swedish Indie electronic dance group are back with their 5th album.

At 10 tracks and 43 minutes, Season High is short and sweet, in a way lost on most artists today who are releasing 22 song unmemorable genre hopping forays into all aspects of quasi-rap (looking at you a Drake). 

The album is more stripped away than the previous ones, this is most clearly evident on “Don’t Cry”, a beautifully soft, almost lullaby, worthy of being played to a particularly unruly (but ahead of their time child in any home.)
Season High, has some definite highs with its powerful singles, released earlier this year and supplements it with genuinely pleasant melodic music that caters to Yukimi’s beautiful voice in a way more dance groups with powerful leads should and draws heavily on influences from the late great Prince(most notably on Celebrate).  

The album has everything from dancy pop music to late night drive music and I say that with confidence as I’m listening to it on a 4AM drive(also good early morning music.

Aside from that, the album doesn’t deliver much more but I don’t think it needs to. Little Dragon, have a released 10 decent tracks, that you’ll definitely enjoy listening to and they don’t have to change the world with this album and you shouldn’t expect them to (so chill y’all).


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