One To Watch: Braxton Cook

There are a lot of new artists out there. You probably hear about a new Justin Bieber knock off who’s probably named after a city in Texas or Montana every day. They’re usually one hit wonders with mega successful songs that get nonstop airtime and you’ll probably sing along for a week or two (I know I do). But this kid is different, for starters, he’s an alto saxophonist who happens to have a great voice and unique sound.

Inspired by John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderley, Stevie Wonder, & Frank Ocean. Braxton Cook is ushering in Millenial Jazz, a soulful, groovy take on bringing Jazz in to the 21st Century while still retaining that classic sound (something John Legend and Ryan Gosling failed to agree on in La La Land).

This young talent, has got just that, talent galore and his album drops tomorrow! So give him a listen before all your friends hear about them and you can be that person who says, “shit Braxton? I’ve been listening to him since before his first album.”


I mean he has a song called ooooo, those are 5 O’s, as in he’s fairly certain you’l enjoy his music quite a bit. He isn’t wrong, its definitely ooooo worthy to say the least.


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