Spotlight: Sampha

There’s some god dang fire coming out of London(I’m assuming it isn’t too soon to say this), & South London specifically. Sampha Sisay, better known as just Sampha(thankfully) is definitely bringing his own unique sound to London. Avoiding the route shared by Skepta & Stormzy. This 28 year old British artist relies on his powerful vocals and talent behind the piano to deliver his take on a sort of electronic soul when it seems everyone is making neo-soul.

Sampha began his career with various collaborations and remixes, most notably his remix of The XX’s “Basic Space” with the help of Young Turks.

Since then Sampha has released two solo EPs, Sundanza in 2010 and Dual 3 years later. His debut Album, Process dropped this February and Sampha didn’t forget his roots, with Rodaidh McDonald of Young Turks co-producing the album.

Sampha delivers a memorable track, complete with a nod inducing beat and thought provoking lyrics, with “Timmy’s Prayer.”

We take a trip down memory lane with Sampha, who learned how to play the piano as a child, with a song that tells us that exact story in a pretty sincere(slightly cheesy, but good cheesy) way with “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano.”

If something a bit more lively is more to your liking, then he’s still got you covered with “Blood On Me.”

With a strong debut album and the raw talent to back it up, Sampha is definitely an artist to watch out for. Check out Process, and decide for yourself.


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