The young product of Bed-Stuy, whose mother made finish high school before fully pursuing his rap career, has grown up with his second album. With Collaborations with Schoolboy Q & J. Cole among others, Joey Bada$$ delivers a genre transcending album that’s got some anthems, some bangers, and lots and lots of bars. If you appreciate rap music where rappers enunciate and talk about more than Molly and Percocet (Even though that track is straight 🔥🔥🔥), then this album is definitely worth a listen.

The album is still very much Joey, with 90s style verses taking down all other MCs (fans of Netflix’s The Get Down would definitely appreciate this album). All Amerikkkan Badass is noticeably different though, with Joey graduating from his distinct approach, drawing influences from the modern rap game. In “Babylon”, “Rockabye Baby”, and “Devastated,” you’ll get this feeling that you’ve heard this song before. This isn’t to say, you wont enjoy these tracks, because with this particular artist, even if it’s not something different, it’s still something new.

The album is very much influenced by contemporary events, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement and Trump’s Election win. Joey has always been political but his latest album shows a wiser young man attempting to be a source of inspiration for his community.

See for yourself, with the video for “Land of The Free”

In “For My People”, Joey’s answering a call to stand up and be the hero with powerful lyrics addressing the treatment of the African-American community in a youthful and hopeful manner.

His lyrics have always been his forte, as he put it, he could go bar for bar with his idol, the late great 2Pac. While that may or may not be true, few would disagree that the 22 year old could more than hold his own against most current rappers.

Fans will notice, the album is noticeably more polished as he no longer relies solely on his lyrical prowess with stripped down bare track. This album has a definitively more refined sound illustrating a much higher production value than fans are accustomed to.

The album isn’t without its faults, particularly that the album plays like two separate works in a somewhat confusing way and bites off Kendrick a bit. That being said, All Amerikkkan Badass provides a unique insight into on a much discussed and seldom understood subject while giving us powerful lyrics, and notably music for several occasions (workouts , drives, chill). As he put it in, “Devestated”, Joey Bada$$ might very be well on his “way to greatness.”


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