Spotlight: Leon Bridges

27 year old Leon Bridges is somehow both a man of the past and the future. His soulful Otis Redding like works are as authentic and sincere as any of the classics of the 50s and 60s(the decades he’s channeling). Leon Bridges recognizes the timeless power of and growing demand for good writing and nostalgia, in a way few artists do.  Dressed like a man from a different era, Leon, accompanied by a full band of local musicians playing traditional instruments, plays honest original music that’s poignant in a way lost on many up and coming musicians.

This isn’t to say that Leon Bridges can’t get you moving, as he fully utilizes his band to get you out of your seat, tapping your foot, or swaying around in your car with “Smooth Sailin’.”

The former dishwasher turned singer-songwriter seems genuinely unmotivated by success despite it coming naturally to him. His hit single coming home, achieved mega success and its very clear why.

Instead of sticking to the traditional formula, like many of his influences, and writing classic songs about love and loss, Mr. Bridges opts for something different. He tells stories of faith, regret, struggle, and of course love and loss as well. In “Lisa Sawyer”, Leon tells us his mother’s story in a way only a son could, and the result is truly beautiful.

In River, Leon Bridges delivers a phenomenal heart-wrenching experience that chronicles the commonly tense and conflicted relationship most people have with god. River is a standout single from his exceptional debut album, that could hold its own in the 50s, 60s, or 2060s(assuming our machine overlords still allow music).

I could go on and on, and yeah he’s been around for a minute now, but this blog hasn’t and his debut album is a work of art. Check out Coming Home,  for an album that’s exceptional, start to finish.


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