Diversely Old #1

Old shit, but not just one kind of old shit, this is actually several kinds, some older than others, obviously, because that’s how time works. Yeah, I know how time works, the same way I know how descriptions work. However, instead of describing these playlists in depth, I’m motivated by one thing, getting rid of those damn hyperlinks, if you haven’t realized that yet. It’s very possible, this is the first post you read, in which case you’re probably wondering why I’m writing all this, or what any of this means. Just ask yourself if you saw any hyperlinks on the homepage….You’re Welcome.

Stop & Look- The Delfonics

Fooled Around & Fell In Love- Elvin Bishop

Come & Get Your Love- Redbone

Ain’t It A Sin- Charles Bradley

Hard Times- Baby Huey & The Babysitters

Merry Go Round- The Equatics

Blue Swede- Hooked On A Feeling

Cocaine- JJ Cale

How I Got To Memphis- Tom T. Hall

Pretty Young Thing- Michael Jackson

Mother- John Lennon

Heard It Through The Grapevine- Marvin Gaye

Funny How Time Slips Away- Billy Walker

This Years Kisses- Billie Holiday

This Bitter Earth- Dinah Washington

Roses- Elvis Presley

I See A Darkness- Johnny Cash


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