Archives: Mizdz

A bit rocky, bit electronicy, bit of other things I could add the letter y to in order to get out of fully labeling them. If you’ve clicked on enough of these posts, you know this description is less to help you, and more to… you guessed it. to get rid of those god damn hyperlinks. I want a smooth ass homepage, no hyperlinks. Also, isn’t it interesting how ass can be added to any description to increase its magnitude. good ass chicken, bad ass motorcycle, inefficient recession ass economy.

Death- White Lies

Uncantena- Sylvan Esso

Fences- Phoenix

Cola-Toro Y Moi

Green Eyes- Elias

I’m Sorry- Shiloh Ft. Swell

Phantom- EMI

Trapped In A Club- SALES

Summer Madness- Kool & The Gang

Subcoiscient Lamentation- Payfone

Coffee- Sylvan Esso

General Version- Dennis Brown & Prince Jammy

Sirens(Mollono Bass Remix)- Monkey Safari

Grown Up Calls(Alternate Version)- Toro Y Moi

Swept Away- Parra for Cuva

Killing Switch- Last Lynx

Die Young- Sylvan Esso

Wine & Chocolate- Theophilus London

New Dorp. New York- SBTRKT Ft. Ezra Koenig

Rose Quartz- Toro Y Moi

Letting The Cables Sleep (N.O.W Remix)- Bush


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